Employee of the Month: Tasha Summers

Employee of the Month: June 2015 TASHA SUMMERS Tasha, who is also a recent addition to the Clean Supreme Team, represents the best kind of employee any employer would want to have. Her leadership and unrelenting desire to excel has helped to motivate others in similar ways. In difficult tasks, she is the “go-to” person that […]

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Take A Break From Your Busy Life

You work hard during the week and weekends are a time to relax, let loose and enjoy. However, sometimes you find yourself taking care of laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning as well. If this sounds like your normal, overwhelming weekend, you’re not alone! Many apartment dwellers lead busy lifestyles and like it that way. You […]

Real Estate Photography by Matt Bilancia at Lux Picture

Residential Cleaning Services

Everyone loves to live in a nicely cleaned and organized home. Yet, taking care of that home without the assistance of residential cleaning services can be difficult.  Today’s family is much busier with work for adults and school for children so keeping up with that often dreaded house cleaning is something that is easy to […]

Hope For A Hoarder’s Home

A hoarders’ home could be unsafe to inhabit due to mass volumes of debris, mold growth, fire hazards, feces, urine, excessive animals, or insect infestation. Some families inherit these homes after a loved one has passed away. Others are the hoarders themselves realizing they need help. Exposure to the biological and chemical contaminants can pose […]

Hoarding Help

There’s nothing quite like getting a glance of a hoarder’s home. You may see trash, food, dirt, soil, mites, or even dead rodents living within the vicinity.  When a hoarder passes away, is jailed, or otherwise moves on, it’s up to the biohazard crews to go in and remove the multiple layers of disorganization that have […]