A hoarders’ home could be unsafe to inhabit due to mass volumes of debris, mold growth, fire hazards, feces, urine, excessive animals, or insect infestation. Some families inherit these homes after a loved one has passed away. Others are the hoarders themselves realizing they need help. Exposure to the biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences and failure to properly remove such substances can contribute to dangerous environments. Our professionals are trained to safely clean, remove, and dispose of these substances properly. Equipped with the necessary safety cleaning products, we are here to help transform any unsafe environments back into clean, safe homes. Here are a few tips for what you should do in a biohazard cleanup situation:

  1. Call our experts to assist you.
  2. Do not attempt to clean up the area yourself. It is not worth the risk.
  3. Leave the windows closed and the structure secure. We will handle the odor.
  4. Strongly discourage anyone from sorting through belongings until the area is made safe.