Clean Supreme is a full scale, personalized cleaning service providing the simple touches that makes a house a home and every environment luxurious.  With Clean Supreme you are not alone.  We are the extra hand for busy professionals offering deep cleaning and ongoing maintenance care to create an oasis of beauty that is fresh smelling, organized, and customized to make your event great.


  • High end, cleaning services for professionals includes all Standard Services and initial deep cleaning.
  • Regular Maintenance (Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly or at specified frequency).
  • Making beds.
  • Soft scented accents.
  • Laundry Assistance: wash, dry, iron, fold, put-away.
  • Closet/cabinet organization.
  • Pet Care: clean litter, pet odor removal, clean pet area, fur removal.
  • Dishes: wash, load, dry, put away.
  • Attendant & cleaning service for parties and special events.
  • Real Estate – move in and move out preparation.
  • Cleaning and Detailing for – yachts, air crafts, limousines, corporate facilities, resorts, golf courses, and luxury facilities.