Rental Cleaning in Huntsville AL

So you moved all your stuff to your new place and have lots of unpacking to do. Let Clean Supreme take care of your old rental cleaning in Huntsville.

Rental Cleaning in Huntsville

Rental Cleaning in Huntsville AL

In the world of renting apartments, town homes and even traditional homes, there are two truths.

  • The rental company expects the unit to be clean when you hand over the keys. Toilets, tubs, inside the fridge and the oven, floors, carpets, and more, irregardless of the condition it was in when you moved in.
  • The rental company will look long and hard to find a reason to keep keep some (or all) of your security deposit.

The laws vary from state to state and from town to town, but generally, they can not charge for “wear and tear”. For instance if you were there 5 years in California, they can not charge you to paint after you leave. The same is true of carpeting (wear, not stains).

But “cleaning” is allowable in every state. And you can bet that their charge for cleaning will be much more than if you hired someone to do it.

Rental Cleaning in Huntsville – Clean Supreme

So you’ve returned the U-Haul, your friends have all left with sore muscles, and you have boxes and boxes to unpack and lot’s of arraigning to do. And all you can can think of is “Chinese sounds like a good idea for dinner” and crashing on a partially made bed, calling it a night.

Take the stress out of moving and call the experts in rental cleaning in Huntsville and the surrounding area – Clean Supreme.

Clean Supreme can remove your old, unwanted furniture, spot clean and vacuum the carpets, clean the kitchen, including the oven, and refrigerator, the bath including the tub and toilet, spot clean the walls and more, ensuring the walk-through goes quickly and your deposit gets returned in full.

All at far less than “market rates”. 

Rental Cleaning in Huntsville AL – Clean Supreme

So what’s there to clean? Here’s our list of services;

  • Trash Removal – from a little to a lot including furniture removal and disposal
  • Kitchen – Clean all counter tops, cabinets and drawers. Remove all food left in the refrigerator
    • Thoroughly clean oven, range, vents, hoods, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, spot clean walls
  • Bathroom – Completely clean tub, shower, commode, medicine cabinet, mirror, light fixtures
  • Bedrooms – Clean Windows (inside), blinds, light fixtures. Spot clean walls, doors, closet door/walls
  • Living Room/Dining Area – Thoroughly clean fireplace, lights, blinds, windows and patio door (inside)
    • Spot clean doors, walls and closet door/walls
  • Clean Patio and Storage Area
  • Finally, clean floors (vinyl/tile) vacuum, and if needed, professional carpet cleaning.

All customized for your needs.

Affordable, Professional Rental Cleaning in Huntsville AL – Clean Supreme

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