Rental Cleaning Service in Huntsville AL - Clean Supreme

Rental Cleaning Service in Huntsville Alabama – Professional cleaning for  both renters and rental management – Fast, affordable cleaning here in Huntsville.  

Rental Cleaning Service in Huntsville AL

Rental Cleaning Service in Huntsville AL - Clean Supreme

For Renters

Rental laws vary a bit from place to place, but nearly every law on the books and nearly every judge, will not allow for your landlord to charge you for painting, or carpet wear, or even nail holes.

But they can charge you for “cleaning”.

Rental Cleaning Service in Huntsville AL - Move Out Cleaning in HuntsvilleSo thoroughly cleaning your rental after moving is your responsibility. And it doesn’t matter if it was a hot mess when you moved in. It needs to be cleaned after you move, because if it’s not, they can charge you for the cleaning at “market rates” which has the potential to significantly reduce or even wipe out your deposit. You may end up owing them!

And with all the unpacking and re-arraigning ahead, you might not have the time or the energy to thoroughly clean up at your old address.

Clean Supreme can remove your old, unwanted furniture, spot clean and vacuum the carpets, clean the kitchen, including the oven, and refrigerator, the bath including the tub and toilet, spot clean the walls and more, ensuring the walk-through goes quickly and your deposit gets returned in full.

All at far less than “market rates”. 

For Rental Management Companies

From Apartment Complexes to College Dormitories to Townhouses, Duplexes and more, Clean Supreme provides affordable cleaning solutions to property managers here in the Huntsville and and surrounding northern Alabama.

Rental Cleaning Service in Huntsville AL - Move Out Cleaning in Huntsville - Move in CleaningHere at Clean Supreme, we work very closely with landlords, property managers, rental administrators. apartment managers, college administrators and more, bringing our experienced, professional cleaning staff at affordable rates, saving you time and money.

We offer a comprehensive menu of cleaning services to fit your needs.

Clean Supreme is your trusted partner in managing your rentals – it’s cleaned up for the next renter (or student).

Because it’s not just a rental – It’s Your Business!

Rental Cleaning Service in Huntsville AL – Clean Supreme

So what’s there to clean? Here’s our list of services;

  • Trash Removal – from a little to a lot including furniture removal and disposal
  • Kitchen – Clean all counter tops, cabinets and drawers. Remove all food left in the refrigerator
    • Thoroughly clean oven, range, vents, hoods, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, spot clean walls
  • Bathroom – Completely clean tub, shower, commode, medicine cabinet, mirror, light fixtures
  • Bedrooms – Clean Windows (inside), blinds, light fixtures. Spot clean walls, doors, closet door/walls
  • Living Room/Dining Area – Thoroughly clean fireplace, lights, blinds, windows and patio door (inside)
    • Spot clean doors, walls and closet door/walls
  • Clean Patio and Storage Area
  • Finally, clean floors (vinyl/tile) vacuum, and if needed, professional carpet cleaning.

Affordable, Professional Rental Cleaning Service in Huntsville AL – Clean Supreme

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