Vehicle Biohazard Clean Up

Not all violent crimes or accidental deaths occur in a home or commercial building. Some happen in a vehicle and while there may be nothing else wrong with it, a contaminated car or commercial vehicle is not safe to drive until it has been fully cleaned and sanitized. Odors indicate that there is biological material present. The close confines of a vehicle, coupled with a lack of consistent climate control, creates an immediate need for thorough clean up.

vehicle biohazard clean upHere at Clean Supreme, we specialize in vehicle biohazard clean up, and we understand that you need to have your vehicle available to you as soon as possible. The need is especially urgent in the case of a commercial truck or transport business where replacement costs and business interruption create urgency. Our technicians are trained to scope out and fully clean every nook and cranny including places that are hard to see or reach. Our extensive experience and quick service will help return your auto or equipment to safe working order.