Move Out Cleaning in Huntsville AL

Move Out Cleaning in Huntsville AL – Summer is typically the biggest moving season. And many are not up to the challenge of move out cleaning when there is so much to unpack. Get all your security money back.

Move Out Cleaning in Huntsville AL

The laws vary, but in nearly every state, nearly every law and nearly every judge, allows your landlord the right to charge you for cleaning. Not painting, not carpet wear, not nail holes…but cleaning. And they know it. And it comes out of your deposit.

And here at Clean Supreme, we know moving is a big job. If you ask around, many people say that moving is one of the most stressful (and exhausting) life experiences. Getting things in order, packing everything up (I really had this much?), changing your address, renting a truck or utilizing moving services, perhaps changing your child’s school system or going through a simultaneous career change – it all presents a massive amount of work.

Move Out Cleaning in Huntsville AL – Clean Supreme

Apartment and Rental Home Move Out Cleaning Huntsville

You are totally forgiven if the very last thing you want to do before you leave one home to start another is clean out the old place.

Lay the foundation for getting your deposit back by leaving the apartment in the best possible condition. You don’t want to give your landlord any excuses to delay the process. You aren’t expected to install new carpeting, paint the walls or resurface wood floors which are “wear and tear” in nearly every state. But it does need to be clean. Very Clean.

Professional, Affordable Move Out Cleaning in Huntsville

So what’s there to clean? Here’s our list of services;

  • Trash Removal – from a little to a lot including furniture removal and disposal
  • Kitchen – Clean all counter tops, cabinets and drawers. Remove all food left in the refrigerator
    • Thoroughly clean oven, range, vents, hoods, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, spot clean walls
  • Bathroom – Completely clean tub, shower, commode, medicine cabinet, mirror, light fixtures
  • Bedrooms – Clean Windows (inside), blinds, light fixtures. Spot clean walls, doors, closet door/walls
  • Living Room/Dining Area – Thoroughly clean fireplace, lights, blinds, windows and patio door (inside)
    • Spot clean doors, walls and closet door/walls
  • Clean Patio and Storage Area

Finally, clean floors (vinyl/tile) vacuum, and if needed, professional carpet cleaning. (yeah, we do that too)

Clean Supreme offers comprehensive move out cleaning in Huntsville and the surrounding Madison County area. Relax and concentrate on unpacking and decorating the new place, we’ll have your old apartment “Supreme Clean”.

The Right Cleaning, Priced Right!

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